I think that the white-collar works must be very anxious for not playing the game for a long continuous time. But do not worry; I am going to introduce some tips for white-collar works how to successfully upgrade to 40 level.Firstly, when you enter the game, first do the main missions, do not care about experience, which not matters at first. And finish all the 3 vice career’s missions, plant is the most important; you need these to dream missions. Also you can buy the ingredients,aion gold, and you can eat 5pcs per day.Secondly,aion kinah, you had better do the dream mission 2 hours before you be off line. Because the experience is connected with your levels, you have a high level, you get much more experience in the mission. And from level 1- 30,buy aion gold, the best way to practice is to do the missions. And do it each day.At last after you are 30 level, what you will do daily is to brush the wind, you can get 12 wind books, and 4 times as a group, of course it will cost you some Forsaken World Gold to get the missions to reserve you energy.Don’t care too much about your money, if you do not get the missions, your experience will decline. When you get a higher level,cheapest aion kinah, the Aion gold will be much easier to make.Of course there still have a lot of other ways to make money,cheap wow gold, it is all up to you to experience and Figure it out.