Are you new about Aion? Do you want to know more about it? Well, today we are going to tell you Aion Kozen Guide, if you like it, just read on and check out what you want:Aion, being a relatively new game, means that there are not many leveling guides available compared to other mmorpgs. So for those of you who need help in leveling your character quickly, you do not have much of a selection to choose from. The Aion Kozen Guide is a recent release, but it is far being incomplete, in fact it is probably the most comprehensive leveling guide for Aion players today, for both Elyos and Asmodian players.Leveling Through QuestingKozen believes in questing to gain levels. This is the quickest way to level. Experienced rewarded from quests is far greater than finding a grinding spots, than killing that same mobs over and over again. The Kozen Guide maps out all the quests you should take from 1 to 50. You will find out where to go for quests, what order you should take the quests in, and how to complete them. So it really is a complete walk-tru of Aion documented in one concise guide.Less Travelling Means More ExperienceOne of the problems players have found in questing,aion kinah, is that you would complete a quest in one area, then find another set of quests to do in the same area, from another quest giver. This means that you spend time traveling back and forth to the same area. By mapping out the quests in the correct order, the Kozen Guide saves up on traveling time. If you think about it, time spend travelling, means time taken away from doing experience gaining tasks like killing mobs or doing quests. The formula is as simple as that, and Kozen does a great job of implementing this strategy in the guide.Kinah and Crafting BonusThere are a couple of complementary sections in the guide that cover other aspects of Aion. These are acquiring Kinah,cheapest aion kinah, and crafting. These sections are basically tips for using the auction house effectively, places to go to farm Kinah should you need to, and how to craft items that sell well. This is not as comprehensive as some other guides on the market, but is more of an added bonus, rather than a complete guide in itself. Still is worthwhile reading, if you just need the main bullet points on acquiring Kinah wealth.Into the AbyssAnother added bonus is coverage of the Abyss. This is where Aion PvP occurs. This a good section, that explains well the strategies used to attack and defend fortresses. How to acquire abyss points and the gain the PvP artifacts. This should be useful if you want a break from leveling, and take your stresses out on some poor noob, who did not have a guide handy to explain the mechanics of the Abyss.Memberships and Free UpdatesBeing in ebook format, many guides now offer free updates as part of the purchase. The Kozen Guide is no exception, but also includes access to a membership area on it's website. As well as support forums, you will also find videos illustrating some of the the more complex quests. You will find these invaluble, and are not available on the internet elsewhere.To ConcludeQuesting is the fastest way to level in Aion, and The KozenGuide documents this well, in clear precise instructions, with videos to backup the more complex parts. The bonus materials, should be taken as just that, a bonus,buy aion gold, so go elsewhere if you want a dedicated Kinah or PvP guide. But, for a pure fast leveling guide, the Kozen Guide is comes highly recommended.Ok, this is Aion Kozen Guide for you today. If you are curious about it, here is a good place for you to buy aion account, more,aion gold, we will give you the most favorable price. Wanna to have a try,buy wow gold, we offer the cheap aion gold for you to experience. Come here to order without hesitation.