I'm so happy Bones is back. I love Booth and Brennen. Their chemistry is amazing, the rest of the Bones cast together so well. In my adolescence and my husband to watch Bones, because they learn new things in science in every show. I want to try to figure out who did and as they did. I like the fact that you do not give up the difficult cases, intrigue them enough to continue working on it.

Another reason I like Bones is that female characters are very strong and smart in their own right, they are not dependent on men for everything. Also, I believe that Booth is the team to the Jeffersonian. Hey know they are intelligent in their own way, and he uses it to help.

Booth and Bones, I hope to get together for some time. I hope that more episodes are made of bones.
I also like Angela, she is an artist, and has a calming effect on people. She is beautiful and the best friend of Bones. I missed Zach. But I love every bone.
Bones DVD 1-5
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